“Jossie! When Raechel arrives, put the geyser on and tell her to take a bath, and don’t power the television before 9” and the caring mother who was in hurry leaves for work after instructing Jossie who is ……..

the maid or her sister or the babysitter or her daughter or – what if I’d tell you that it’s not even somebody but it’s something that is a gift from those creative minds who are working to solve every challenge we face in our everyday lives. Since the birth of mankind, humans are relentlessly working to grow and develop sophisticated technologies, in turn making their lives unsophisticated. In today’s world, nothing remains a dream. Who could have thought we could toggle lights with our voice or get served tea by a robot!

So what exactly could be that sophisticated technology which would make any layman’s life easier?

What would be the technology that would dominate and rule in the coming years and will become a necessity in one’s life?

The answer to this question could be “A Voice” or say “The Voice”. If things are flying over your head, let me explain it. Use your voice for getting just any of your task done. The future that you are going to see will make you no less than an Aladdin, just say what you want and your genie which may come in the form of an Alexa or Cortana will get your task done. And guess what! You can provoke your genie any number of times you want, not just three, which makes you a better beta version of Aladdin.


It’s 2020 and Jossie is nothing but a voice assistant just like Alexa and Cortana enhanced with some useful applications for this caring mother. From the invention of a Wheel to the machine that connects you instantly with your loved ones far away, everything is a statement that humans are not going to stop finding alternatives to the existing technologies for the betterment of their lives. How cool and useful will it be if we all have someone or something like Jossie in our lives to reduce our efforts, to multi-task, to be more productive, to be ready for the future. It is not a dream to have a voice assistant with custom applications tending to your needs. Many developers are working on the Voice User Interface to design solutions which serve your purpose. The only thing you need to do is approach them and tell them what your requirements are, and lo and behold, you’d be handed over a full-fledged application just as you wanted.

Ok but neither am I a mother, nor a person who wants assistance from a device to do the homework…I am running a business that is well established and I wonder if these assistants could be of any help to me?

All right, you’re at the right place to be.

Businesses empowered with voice technologies will be the ones meeting demands of the near future and will be rocking the sales in the market. Just imagine – your customer need not go through the hustle of obtaining any services or products of you, no efforts of typing lines of data or traversing through redundant webpages. It would be a seamless experience for them and they will look forward to making a purchase with you again.

Marie owns a cafe which is running short on staff and the place is usually crowded on weekends which makes it hard to serve her customers. Raman is a C.E.O. of a new and not so popular E-commerce website and established websites are still a heavy competition and tough for him to beat. If there were something that could ease their targets, it would be a boon to them and that could be “Voice Technology”. Customers placing their orders through a voice-based application and Marie delivering instructions to the chef via the same is the change that could be brought to make the business more efficient. Similarly, if the normal UI for Raman’s website is replaced with a voice user interface then it would be an awesome and unique experience for Raman’s customer and they will be likely to shop again.

Business empowered by voice technology

“The world is getting smarter day by day, apps are getting updated regularly, a new operating system launched today dominates over the one of yesterday, the average time to do a task on the internet is reducing and still, your business lacks Voice User Interface? Learn from the past, live in the present but be ready for the future…”

Ashutosh Kushwaha

Ashutosh Kushwaha

Strategy Associate at VoiceQube.com

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