“It’s no secret that blue light harms our vision by damaging the eye’s retina”

Says Dr. Ajith KarunarathneAssistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Toledo

Regardless of which corner of the world you reside in, if you are someone aged 14 or above, then you have to admit that a smartphone is an inevitable part of your life and you totally rely on it for numerous tasks. There is no doubt that the world is changing rapidly with new emerging technologies, some of which have made us more efficient while some got us addicted to them without much gain.


Since the past few years, technologies have evolved at a great pace, adding some remarkable advancements to the already existing ones. Now, one can’t even imagine what it would be like to spend a day without interacting with one of these technologies.

But do you really think that this dependency is causing any good to the humans?

Do you admire the technology which has created a difference and made your life less tough and more interesting?

If not, then you should…

you should be thankful to them,

Thankful to those who made those things possible which were unimaginable a few decades back.


In this age of innovation and invention, life’s basic needs for one are changing. Now the need for a smartphone or other technological advancements is before food, shelter or anything. The number of electric gadgets and technological devices on the planet is more than thrice the total number of humans living on it, and if you’re someone alive, then your day-to-day life also depends on these technologies directly or indirectly.

Everything comes at a cost and so does technology. There are drawbacks of every innovation and it leaves us with only one question…

Are you really willing to accept it at its cost?

Most of us won’t even bother thinking about what would be the impact of the technology we are using on the environment, or even on ourselves. We as “humans” are very selfish by nature and no deed done by us is selfless. If we get to know what is harming us, then we would be likely to act towards it and be a little more cautious and careful. The threat that I’m referring to you now is nothing but your screen…

yes, you’ve heard it right, the digital screens…

your regular L.E.D. display of a smartphone or a laptop, the more beautiful it looks to your eyes, the more harmful it is for them. It’s 2019 and be it anywhere, a workplace, a school, a college or home, now there is a screen everywhere and you make direct contact with for quite long hours on a regular basis.

According to a study, a person spends more than 6hours in front of a digital screen daily on average.


This interaction with a screen of humans might enable them in doing some really good and productive stuff in their lives, but it is also causing severe irreversible damage to their eyes at the same time.

A Digital Screen, be it of a Laptop, a Smartphone or a Tablet, emit various types of light and radiations including the Blue light too. This Blue light is shorter in wavelength compared to the others in the visible light region, and thus it produces a high amount of energy  and when Retinal (not to be confused with “Retina”, the “Retinal” which is also equally important for clear human sight, it is one of the various forms of the vitamin A present in the eye which in the presence of light triggers a phenomenon resulting in the perception of the image by the brain) is overexposed to this blue light, it results in the production of an oxidized substance responsible for the death of Photoreceptor cells (The Photoreceptor cells are a special type of cells found on the outermost layer of the retina and are responsible for acknowledging the presence of light in the visual region and are also a vital element for the human vision).

Our eyes, which are efficient in blocking almost 99% of UV rays from reaching the retina through cornea (“cornea” is a transparent and the front layer of the eye structure) and lens of the eye, are actually inefficient in blocking any of the blue light which reaches directly to the retina through the cornea and lens.

The blue light which is high in energy is responsible for eye strain which occurs while interacting to a digital screen for a longer duration as it is not easily focused by the eyes and this results in decreasing the contrast, causing inconvenient strain in the eyes.

Macular degeneration, a phenomenon of vision loss caused by the death of photoreceptor cells which usually occurs in people of the age-group of 60 or more is now not very uncommon in the youth too, and the blue light from your digital screens is the leading cause to it.

But wait, don’t panic just now…

These statistics might freak you out now, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a life where you don’t interact with these digital screens. you are so dependent on these technologies and without interacting with one of those screens, it might be hard and difficult for you to carry out various tasks that affect your personal life or your work life. There must be something to eradicate this problem, something which can let you have all your work done without causing any harm to your eyes or your health.

Well, there is…

There always is at least one solution to any problem and various solutions for this problem statement have been built till date but none of the solutions were as efficient as this latest one called  “Voice Technology”, with the help of which, all of your tasks that require a blue light emitting digital screen can now be done without having to make direct contact with it

Isn’t it great?

But not only that, there’s more to it…

Now, not only you can save your eyes from the severe damage done by those blue lights but also with the help of this super cool “Voice Technology”, you can become more efficient and productive as you save a lot of time here as compared to the regular method.

Eyes are the most precious gift to us humans, care for this valuable entity and switch to a better technology where you say no to those damaging blue lights and protect the treasure of vision.

Voice technology and voice user interfaces are trending all over the globe. Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home are satisfying customers, rocking the sales, and have become one of the most popular technological inventions of the time. The function of these devices are not only limited to play songs and forecast about the weather but these devices are now a whole new world of possibilities for a user. Software developers are working on to train voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, for various numerous tasks like ordering a pizza, booking an appointment, helping in studies and everything to make you smart and your life a whole lot easier.

About 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020, per Gartner .”

Voice user interface is a platform specially designed for the new needs of the generation looking for a future where there is no scope of any drawback or shortcomings. Businesses are more likely to choose voice interface over the graphical interface as it is more customer friendly, easy and interesting too. Believe it or not, the day where voice technology would dominate over the rest is not far, and you’ll be there to see it.

Accept it, embrace it, and be ready for the future.

Ashutosh Kushwaha

Ashutosh Kushwaha

Strategy Associate at VoiceQube.com

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