According to Statista, the number of artificially operated personal assistants will double by 2020, with more than 2.5 billion active users vouching for them. Almost every organization wants to use digital assistants as they believe it can attract more customers. For all the android addicts, Cortana has been refurbished with a new ‘now playing’ interface which enables the customers to control music without opening the app. It’s these constant ever improving updates that keep the customers glued to these products and we have the relentless engineers and brains to thank for it.

These are the few current facts regarding the voice technology

  • 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local business information within the last year. 
  • 46% of voice search users look for a local business daily. 
  • 27% visit the website of a local business after conducting a voice search. 
  • 76% of smart home speaker users conduct local searches at least once a week with 53% performing daily searches. Above sources: BrightLocal Study
  • 1 in 5 adults’ uses mobile voice search at least one time a month. According to Global Web Index.
  • 2 of 5 adults perform a voice search at least once a day.

So why are they so fashionable?

One of the reasons is the Natural Language Interface (NLI). It offers natural, human-like conversations with natural language interface devices or applications. Instead of touching or typing instruments, these NLIs are used as human contact. This will assist clients in preparing inquiries through voice. Due to the progress in this field, developers are ringing in the changes to make it easier for the users to interact. Thanks to the ever-improving error rate in speech recognition and improvement in NLI, these devices have now started to recognize users. Now amazon’s Alexa recognizes more than 10 different user voices.

These devices are Intelligent Voice Assistants. They are called so because they often understand natural language interface and can do basic tasks. Personal assistants have a large amount of online information and they help in carrying out simple tasks. Therefore, they are also known as intelligent assistants. It is an intersection purpose of two procedures that make one of a kind network. It is a crossing point of two techniques that makes unique connectivity possible. Innovative tools in AI-enabled voice assistants and the Internet of Things brings a new level of communication between people and companies. In the coming years, more than 24 billion IoT devices will be installed. These establishments will improve health care, housing, education, and various areas. Later on, we can anticipate more voice assistants and IoT frameworks in various businesses.

On one hand, in bringing humans and technology together, there is always a different scenario for every individual with a personal digital assistant. But also, on the other hand, voice assistants and their users are increasing every day. Technology helps people to adapt to the constantly changing digital space and it is crucial to adopt technology in both professional and personal areas of their lives.

It improves productivity and saves time. Companies will benefit from voice assistants. It eradicates the need to maintain and write long notes or generate MoMs. At the same time, these devices also double up to remind one of any appointments or meetings during the day. Given the capabilities of AI enabled voice assistants in the business world, even the government is now trying to implement these assistants in the sector.

We all know how useful these assistants will be if the right facilities are given. Voice assistants are the future. Consumers are expecting a lot from voice assistants. Different progress in different industries is helping consumers to use them to ease their daily chores. The main driver of this change towards the user interface is changing the client’s interest where speed capability and reach are continually improving.

All of these characteristics and market trends have really attracted us to the equipment. We should utilize these voice assistants as we probably are aware of how advantageous it is. These tools are now 7-8 years old, yet there is an important demand in all the areas we use. It is good that we have started using them in some industries and it is already showing a few good signs. There is no doubt that it is in great stead and I am sure we can see them very soon in every sector.

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