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When Voice takes over

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“Every once in a while there is a tectonic shift in technology, and we think voice is one of those” said Nick Fox of Google. 


As Amazon came up with their own range of smart speakers – the Echo and Echo dot, Rohit Prasad- head scientist of Alexa, explained the thinking behind it. “We imagined a future where you could interact with any service through voice,” said Prasad.

Voice technology really began catching attention when Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant revolutionized the smartphone industry. It dared people to dream more, to expect more from the industry. Later in 2013, Amazon came up with the Echo, run on Alexa, and the industry boomed, never looking back again. Google Home and Cortana followed suit. These smart speakers, with their sophisticated technology promise to unsophisticate our lives to great extents.

Right from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, these speakers could always be in use. All of us might have at some stage faced trouble with reading the newspaper or an article over the phone while we have our breakfast or a cup of coffee. How we wished we could eat and drink peacefully without the worry of spilling things over the phone or newspaper. Well, smart speakers do just that. With an ability to narrate everything – from newspaper articles to messages or emails on your phone, they are a dream come true for many. On the drive to your workspace, they seamlessly connect to your phone and let you call or text your colleagues by using your voice, just the way you would if they were right in front of you. On the drive back, they help you connect with your loved ones – all this while ensuring your hands are free to focus on the driving itself. Setting up alarms and reminders, these smart appliances do it all.

However, while the big guns -Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, et al battle it out to perfect and improve these smart home appliances, there is still a lot voice technology has to offer. Integrating voice technology into various businesses is still something not explored by many. Some of you might have come across the advert by Morris Garage of their latest SUV – MG Hector, which has an inbuilt smart speaker system which communicates with the driver and other passengers. This enables a hands-free usage of the vehicle’s console. This was just a small example of voice technology could change businesses. For all the Buccaneers out there, it sure is a punt worth taking.

With an industry yet to reach its peak, these services are just the boost it needs to hit the apex. More and more startups are coming up in the field, aiming to deploy these smart skills into the dense forests of the businesses. Voiceqube, a pioneering startup in this field aims to do just the same. A look at their customer base would go a long way in clearing any doubts pertaining to which fields need this the most ( To the slower minds – the answer is ALL ). Their clients range from those in the hospitality sector to corporate handles. Why even a top Youtube Channel hired their services recently to boost their viewership and users.  So every industry has a use case where Voice is applicable. Tapping these industries to meet their needs is a key source of revenue for these start-ups.

As Vishnu Saran, founder-CEO of Voiceqube rightly said -“In the foreseeable future, every brand, business, and organization will have a specific voice and thus, personality attached to them that goes with their logo and tagline.”

A huge market to unearthed, innovations to be made, competition to beat – behold guys, the Voice Tech Sector has well and truly arrived and is here to stay and dominate.








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