Kids talking to Alexa for the first time
High school students interacting with Alexa
When we brought smiles on kids faces

Voice Qube built something

special on Alexa

We know the importance of education in this country. We also know how many challenges schools face in imparting quality education to children. Voice Qube took it as a challenge to make education more fun and engaging with the use of Alexa. We build English, Math and Science lessons that are capable of answering students' questions.

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Our Vision

Creating an environment where education is fun and engaging

Our interactive voice activities encompass the entire 300 day curriculum of a school. We have our homegrown gamification models that make learning Math, Science, and English very easy. Watch the complete video of how our vision took shape and the response we received from kids in a remote village of Andhra Pradesh

Teaching English is a problem

We are committed to teaching English to rural India

The talent pool and skillset are the same when we compare two students, one from a city and one from a village. The only differentiating factor is English. Teaching English is a serious problem that is being tackled by all state governments. We hope to teach kids English in the native language that they understand.

Voice Technology

Simplifying education with voice. Kids have a very low attention span, hence we realized that the best way to engage them is through conversations.

Custom Interface

A custom interface is built for schools to manage the voice curriculum. Also, to monitor the progress of students.

Education through Conversations

VoiceQube teaching kids using Voice Assistants
Solving a universal problem

Teaching English vocabulary in their native language can help millions across the globe with new opportunities

300 days of curriculum

300 days of daily activities that take students on an adventure full of lessons taught in a fun environment.

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Voice Qube is building a state of the art language learning program for schools across India using platforms like Amazon Alexa. We are pooling audio libraries from numerous voice artists and creating a huge audio dictionary that can teach kids English vocabulary.

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