To produce a student ecosystem across the globe with individual clubs in every college that nurtures Voice developers and entrepreneurs.

Objective One

To create long-term teams in universities and equip them with resources and skills to build voice applications to be able to participate in various hackathons.

Objective Two

Production of high-quality engaging voice apps for Alexa, Google home, Cortana, and other voice based technologies.

Objective Three

Self-sustainable business models of incentivizing developer rewards and distributing industry projects to these clubs.

What Voiceqube provides

Training resources and workshops

Professional support system to guide developer queries

Marketing support, ideas, and bandwidth

Code libraries and templates for frameworks

Hardware cost for cloud and devices for testing

Perks (T-shirts, stationery, team lunches etc.)

Industry connects and business income

Personal profile page for every developer

Apply for a voice club at your college, stating why we have to start a voice club

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