VoiceQube - WSI Partnership

Voice Technology gives Digital Marketing a boost

WSI and VoiceQube have a terrific partnership in place that gives all the partners of WSI a great advantage in using VoiceQube's efforts for their respective clients. VoiceQube's standard rates are as below:

1. Proof of Concept prototype: USD 2500/-
2. Voice Application Design: USD 200/ hour
3. Alexa Skill development: USD 120/hour
4. Standard development on Node.js: USD 75/hour
5. Devops: USD 90/hour
6. Architecture: USD 125/hour

All WSI partners are going to get 30% - 65% discount on these prices depending on the scope of work

Why Voice?

Voice adds personality and creates emotional appeal

All companies and brands across the world want to connect with their customers better and make sure that their customers have a personalized experience.

Voice gives the ability for a brand to listen to their customers, always and establishes a direct channel that is extremely inexpensive, completely automated and very efficient. Voice assistants are beind adopted at a record rate around the globe. With over 160mn devices in the market now, it is expected to increase to 2 billion by end of 2022.

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