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In the foreseeable future, every brand, business and organization will have a specific voice and thus, personality attached to them that goes with their logo and tagline.

Vishnu SaranFounder

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This is the gang that is going to shape the world that we will be living in, tomorrow. A small effort by a few dreamers, A Gigantic impact on mankind.

Vishnu Saran

Chief Dreamer

Vishnu, the ever-optimistic dreamer wants to chase down problem statements with the use of technology. He is the captain of our ship, who is well experienced in designing and developing beautiful products. Product Architect with an acumen that permits him to come up with growth hack ideas every minute. He is a writer, and just like most - loves philosophy, music, drama and almost every other art form including ``coding``. He can drop everything he is doing to watch Emma Stone or any Time Traveling flick.

Chandraprakash Soni

Product Lead

Chandraprakash always likes to wear multiple hats. He has the ability to connect the dots of any problem and to come up with the solution very quickly.
Chandraprakash likes to meet new people because it can be interesting and you might end up having great conversations and learning new things. It's really interesting to learn how different person views the world, to know their perception and their views on different topics.

Ashish Jain

Senior Full Stack Developer

Ashish Jain is highly passionate about cutting-edge technologies. He loves to write elegant and functional code as well as making things from scratch, He is a quick learner with Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.
Ashish has been involved in many technological projects, in the field of technology and startups, always loves to work on both back-end as well as front-end technologies. He is a person always looking for new ideas to improve the organization's growth and impact on people's lives through technology.

Himanshu Verma

Full Stack Developer

Himanshu Verma is passionate about developing Websites and Applications. He enjoys playing with new software development tools and technologies.
Besides Coding, He is an enthusiastic person who loves to travel and explore and also interested in all the latest technologies and gadgets. In his free time, he enjoys going on hikes, planning for trips with friends and does photography.

Vivek Upadhyay


Vivek is an extraordinary designer who knows how to transform people's thoughts into a wonderful User Experience. He is most focused on interaction design, user research, and usability testing.
Vivek can identify the communications issue, gather and analyze information related to the issue, and generate potential approaches aimed at solving the problem.
Apart from this, he loves to watch Sci-Fi movies.

Krish Mohan

Director of Global Operations, USA

Krish is a serial entrepreneur based out of Minnesota, USA. His company ITProFound is a well-established software consulting firm that helps state governments with software projects. Krish is a philanthropist who also runs three schools in Tirupati, India. He has several initiatives that help the youth of India in paving their careers in a way that is amicable and useful for the current fast-paced information technology industry.

Ashish Jha

Senior Voice Developer

Ashish is a New Delhi based Voice Developer and an engineering undergrad. To learn more about building Alexa skills, he attended an Alexa developer conference in November 2017 and fell in love with the technology that day. Since then he has devoted himself completely to the voice first paradigm. He has built numerous Alexa Skills, Google Actions and has also worked on Bixby capsules. Ashish won the Grand Prize in the first-ever Alexa Skills Hackathon in India in May 2018. In the same competition, his other submission grabbed the Popular Choice Award. One of his skills also won the skill of the month award for the Best Finance Themed Alexa Skill in India in Feb 2018. His extensive work with Alexa also got him a mention in an Amazon Blog which was aptly titled - ``The secret behind Alexa's Desi Connection.``

Dheeraj Kumar

Head of NLP and NLU

Dheeraj Kumar, popularly known as Rocky DeRaze is a computational linguist and a master of Natural Language Processing. We can bet that you must've never seen someone who can speak 12 languages. Dheeraj also works a lot on AI, NLU and is very passionate to solve social problems in rural India using technologies like computer vision and NLP. He is also the founder of DeepVition, an AI startup that works towards his vision. An ardent fan of Rocky Balboa, he picks his character full of grit and endurance from the legend himself.

Ruthvik Reddy

Head of Voice Clubs

Ruthvik Reddy is a great Alexa skill developer! He is still pursuing his computer science degree from BITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus. The popular Alexa skill for the British youtube channel, The Honest Guys was completely ideated, conceptualized and executed by Ruthvik alone. He also leads our Voice Clubs division that guides students across the country to learn, build and earn by developing voice applications.

Madhav Sai

Community Manager

Madhav Sai is our energetic community manager who is the focal point for any event that is designed and organized by Voice Qube. Madhav is also a Digital Marketing expert who knows a lot about SEO, SEM, Affiliate marketing and Email campaigns. He helps us manage our digital marketing portfolio. He is a big fan of Tollywood and Jr NTR.

Basant Sharma

Director of Emerging Technologies

Basant Sharma is arguably the funniest guy in our team. Also the geekiest. His math skills will blow your mind. An expert Alexa Skills developer, Basant has the ability to master any new programming language within days. He is a well-versed product architect who maintains a benchmark when it comes to taking up tasks. Any work below that benchmark is not worthy of his time and efforts. He is probably the first guy who will be friends with you if you meet our team. However, if you don't appreciate age-old English classical music, stay away.


Head of Content Strategy

Sanjana can create content that is creative, compelling, and convincing. She is the head of our content strategy which drives a major chunk of our business. Her fresh ideas help Voice Qube articulate its vision and ideas better.

Satya Teja

Chief of Creativity

Satya Teja is a walking idea generator. His ideas are not just creative but also more often than not, out of this world. A chemical engineer by degree but immensely capable of dealing with electronics. Yet, he chose a career with code. That sentence literally encapsulates how multi-talented Teja is. A javascript ninja who is always the first to explore new frameworks, tools and make the impossible possible for us. A football geek, United fan, Badminton player, Part-time musician, and a well-versed spontaneous storyteller. We have never seen him upset or angry.

Shravan Hotha

Design Director

Shravan Hotha, is the mind behind the website all of you are visiting. With his extraordinary design skills, our brand is constantly getting accolades for our design sense. Quirky, Funny and most importantly logical. When logic meets design and gives space for creative abstraction it makes a deadly recipe for brilliant design. Apart from charming people with his designs, Shravan enjoys gaming.

Priyankar Kumar

Senior Voice Developer

Priyankar Kumar is a fourth year computer science and engineering student at MIT Manipal. He has been actively involved with Alexa development even before it launched in India. In his free time, he likes checking out and playing with new software development tools, frameworks and technologies. Besides coding, he also likes to read. Won multiple awards like :
2nd place, Amazon Alexa Theme, Techgig Code Gladiators 2018
Popular Choice Award, Alexathon 2018, Hackerearth
Skills of the month (December 2018, June 2018)
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