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Add voice to your business


Voice Qube is here to help you connect with your users with compassion, wit, sarcasm, humour, joy, and love. We will help you build a voice app that befriends one and all, and serves consistently with impeccable quality providing the best user experience.

Let us build a personality for your brand.

Make your customers happy

We build engaging Voice Applications

When creative minds anticipate and design VUI, developers can build applications with user interactions that are intuitively conversational and human-like.

Add Voice to your Business

Alexa Skills

We build immersive Alexa Skills for organizations.

Google Home Actions

Applications that can run through voice commands via Google Assistant on your phones

Awesome Design

Intuitive VUI Designs that are enticing, engaging and entertaining.


Reach out to millions of Samsung users through Bixby 2.0

Voice control

Control and automate IoT ecosystems with Voice commands

Robust Backend

A customized management platform with strong microservices along with your Voice Applications

Voice is the Gateway to

Human Computer Interaction

Why we have chosen this technology niche and what it holds for the future of various industries

Age of Interaction Design

Communicating with a device was restricted to a few lines of code initially. It evolved into a Graphical user interface later, making the tool accessible and meaningful to the common man.

Now we are on a cusp of an evolution that is going to set the ball rolling for the future. We have figured out a way to communicate with our devices in a much more natural form, with Voice. We are entering the age of VUI (Voice User Interface)

Case Studies


Sweetinn is a hospitality company that has over 500 apartments across 10 cities in the Europe. They host guests who want to live in a home atmosphere while having the choice to avail all services like that of a luxury hotel. We created a seamless skill to navigate the movie library and change channels on the Kodi home theatre system

The Honest Guys

The Honest Guys is a YouTube channel with millions of viewers and subscribers who view videos to practice assisted meditation. The soothing sounds and music help viewers relax and de-stress themselves. Voiceqube is in partnership with The Honest Guys to build a custom alexa skill for them

Smart Home Skill

IoTronix is an Indian startup that manufactures IoT devices like smart switches, hubs and IR blasters. Voiceqube helped IoTronix to build an Alexa Smart home skill that can effectively communicate with the IoT devices and toggle the status of the switch.

VoiceQube at Davos, WEF 19

VoiceQube visited Davos for the World Economic Forum in January 2019 representing one of the most prominent states of India, Telangana. We have conducted an informative session in Davos throwing light on our work, and what we have in store for the future. Here are a few moments from the trip that has been phenomenal.

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VoiceQube at Cancun, WSI 19

VoiceQube visited Cancun for the WSI conference and Vishnu Saran delivered a keynote on how brands can leverage voice technology. Here is the complete keynote where he demonstrates how Digital Marketing and Voice Design go hand in hand.

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Alexa Skills built


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Voice Club

Nurturing world class Voice developers and entrepreneurs across the globe from the college level by providing training resources, workshops, marketing support and exciting perks.

Current colleges with our Voice Clubs

  • BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus
  • Mahindra École Centrale

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